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The Design Process

Sometimes when I am doing freestyle sculpture I might build without a design and just allow creativity to take the controls. At these times it’s really important to stay open to the creative process and not to let myself get in the way… I try keep momentum and go with it, stay positive with thoughts and not get judgmental. This may seem silly but for me it the creative process is more about the process and less about the result. I love to create, this process is mystical and magical and when you Allow it to come through you you become humble and realize that you are only one part of the mechanism and as your ego takes the back seat the process becomes blissful, then the result is worthwhile.

When I am designing and building something specific ( specific stuff ) this stuff usually has a purpose as it may hold something like a table or chair, car or boat, plane or train. Possibly it could be part of something that holds something ( a component ) like the fuel tank in a vehicle or a hinge for a door or a bracket or railing or a widget. These types of things need specific designs prior to building and without a good design the end result is usually a disaster. After 30 years of building stuff sometimes I feel like I can build specific stuff without a design. I’ll tell myself how “ simple” it is and how I can build from my head. This always becomes challenging and I wind up making so many mistakes and having to remake parts and take twice as long to build. Then I kick myself and go back to the basics…
#1 – Brainstorm
#2 – Sketch all the possibilities
#3 – Refine the design
#4 – Build

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