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Full Circle

As an artist, my first thrill is exploring ideas and creating new sculptural work. I love to create, to ponder ideas and bring them to life. My second most meaningful moment is to see the excitement in someone when they come into contact with the result of the creation.

I am always striving to balance the ‘give and take’ within my life’s purpose as one has no meaning without the other. Creating is my life purpose, but without a lasting positive impact on other people my purpose is incomplete…

Many years ago I had created a series of pendulum type metal sculptures with a Dolphin theme. These sculptures are about 5 feet high and have a tranquil movement as the individual elements would move on their pendulum axis. At one of the exhibits a client walked in and instantly reacted to this sculpture and said “I’ll take it!” As we spoke I realized that this client had not purchased art prior to this event. When I delivered the sculpture to his home, he was unsure where to place it and how to make it work in his environment. This dilemma was easily resolved once it was in his home, the perfect location just felt right.

After several years I was contacted by a mutual friend who told me how much our friend loves his dolphin sculpture. She spoke of an inspiring relationship that has formed with this sculpture and how he loves to share this with visitors as they tour the home.

I love to know that the newness remains fresh in the life this collector and that this creation continues to bring happiness into their world. This knowing is the definition of my life’s purpose.

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