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The Creative Process

I really love to become lost in creativity. During these moments time seems to drift away as I ponder the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘why not’s’. The many crazy ideas that could only work in the imaginary world… and then some idea settles in and finds its way to the workbench where it becomes real. But first many sketches, some or most will be stick men type drawing just to exercise the concepts as they float through my head. I like to do this type of brainstorming in pretty small scale without much detail, like you would see it from a distance. Then something starts to feel right so I will continue to develop on one design.

I think many people have great ideas but they get stuck right in the beginning of this great energy of creativity. This process may be misconceived where one might thing the first sketch has to be perfect or detailed. They say “I can’t draw” so they stop. Bummer because this is where it starts to get exciting… By the way, I can’t draw very good either, but the more you do something the better you get. The point is; exercise creativity! Move on those crazy ideas and don’t lose this amazing energy!

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