Jon with kid and hammer tools

Tools and the Tool’aholic

I am blessed to have a workspace with some amazing tools to manifest my imagination into objects (stuff). This excites me everyday as soon as I awake… Over many years I have collected tools and machinery for metalworking. During this time I was working as a fabricator in many different industries ranging from mega yachts to race cars and everything in between. I had an incredible opportunity to be creative building many many, did I say ‘many’? developmental prototypes, some possibly good and some not so good. So I was exposed to all different types of tools and equipment used to make stuff. I love making stuff. Stuff starts as an imagination and manifests or morphs into the material world with a little help from man and machine.


People have told me that I am possibly a ‘tool junky’ or perhaps just a ‘tool’ haha… well, I cannot deny this. I see tools as the ‘open door’ to the future of discovery. The investment in these tools allows me to create the future as necessity comes calling. I have machines and tools that are older than myself, each one is a treasure to me and I respect them with care to always keep them in tip top condition ready for the next job at hand. At times, I will need a specific tool or fixture to allow me to move forward on a project so I will make these tools as needed. So it comes down to necessity, first there is a need for stuff, then you need to make the tools to make the stuff… strange

Jon using grinder tool while wearing protective gear

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