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Workshop Improvement LED lighting

I constantly like to improve my workshop, the place I spend most of my time.  To me this space is the field of opportunity where I can bring concepts to the material world, it is my sacred place. I wanted to brighten up my shop, do some serious spring cleaning to discard old stuff and relight the workshop for 2016 and beyond. So I started to create a plan…

I entered the google world to research lighting options. There I found endless ideas for lighting and read many reviews on the topic. I love the google world of information and all the feedback from peeps. So I decided to convert my florescent lights to LED.  I found it to be a simple conversion and found to be a great supplier.  One by one I took down the old florescent fixtures and removed the ballast and tombstones. Then I rewired the new tombstones and discarded the ballast.  This is a really simple conversion and it has dramatically brightened my shop.  This is a great way to start the new year!

workshop improvement LED

So nice to see brighter, clearer with LED.

workshop improvement

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