Monumental Art

Jon Koehler has been producing monumental public sculptures for over 13 years. Many of these sculptures being complex, with several elements and kinetic aspect. These massive metal sculptures have a softness about them that welcomes and intrigues the viewer.

The journey is just as important as the destination, in the craftsmanship of Jon Koehler’s stainless steel sculptures. By creating metal sculptures, Jon is pushing the boundaries of metal engineering. Starting in the details of the craft, knowing how to breakdown the elements of steel with the manipulation of welding. Jon brings opposing forces into equilibrium, turning cold hard steel into a graceful kinetic balance within its environment. Making the immovable move, making a heavy medium appear light, is the dichotomy of his work. Creating from a pure source of exploration and pushing the boundaries of imagination and engineering. Jon’s creative objective is to bring the viewer into a new world where a gentle breeze or push of the hand will bring to life the complexity of his organic kinetic sculpture. Thus transporting the viewer further into a world where steel dances like a feather in the wind. The continued exploration of “opposites in balance” is what fuels Jon’s imagination and continued creative pursuits. To extend the realm of kinetic movement. Creating a visual harmony with flowing lines of steel, within a natural environment.

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